Aim Training Guide for PUBG 2022

Most shooting games like 3D sniper don’t focus much on the weapon or aiming side of the game. PUBG on the other hand is more realistic and focuses mainly on all aspects of shooting and weapons. Thus it is almost impossible for a player to get a winner-winner chicken dinner in PUBG without a good aim.

If your aim is not good and you’re looking for tips that might help you improve, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will be enlisting some aiming tips for PUBG that will improve your aim as soon as you start using them in your gameplay.

Adjust Your Sensitivity 

Sensitivity depends on personal preference. Therefore, you cannot copy someone’s sensitivity settings and expect to play better. However, there are certain key elements that you should keep in mind while choosing the right sensitivity for yourself.

Lower Sensitivity is Better 

Lower sensitivity helps you be more precise in aim because it minimizes the imperfections caused by movement. 

To select the ideal sensitivity, go to the training map and choose a specific point on a target for aiming. Now take your crosshair away from the target and quickly bring it back to that point. 

If your crosshair goes beyond that point, your sensitivity is high. In contrast, the sensitivity is low if it stays behind that point. Your ideal sensitivity would be when your crosshair exactly lands on that point.

You should try this method while scoping as well, so you can also find the right ADS or scope sensitivity.

Crosshair Placement 

Your aim mostly depends on how well you can place your crosshair. If your crosshair placement is good, you would require less time and correction to aim at your enemy accurately. Here are a few things you should do to improve your crosshair placement:

  • Always place your crosshair at head level (This will help you easily take a headshot of your enemy when his head comes in front of your crosshair.
  • While moving, keep your crosshair in the direction where you expect the enemy to be, so you’re already facing in the right direction if an enemy is really there.

Learn How to Hip Fire

Although hip firing is the least accurate for aiming, it is still the fastest way to fire bullets. This method is usually used in close range combat situations.

To learn how to hip fire accurately, you can go to the training map and try to keep your crosshair at a target while you’re constantly moving left and right. You should also practice keeping your crosshair on the target while you jump.


If the enemy is close, you can hip fire with a constant spray, but if it’s a little far away, you should slow down your firing speed or do multiple single fires because otherwise, the recoil might make you miss the target.

Practice Scoping Aim

Scoping aim is just as important as hip aim. It is used when dealing with an enemy that is far away. Though it seems very easy to aim with a scope, it’s a difficult skill to master. Here are some tips that can help you aim better with a scope, even if your target is a few hundred meters away.

Color Shape and Brightness of the Crosshair 

First of all, to make your aim more accurate with a scope, you need to make sure that your crosshair is visible. 

Scopes like red dot, holographic, 2x, and 3x can all have their brightness and color changed, which can help make the crosshair more visible. If you want, you can also go to color blind mode, which will give you different colors on your scope. The shape of the crosshair can also be changed in scopes like red dot and canted site.

Know Where Your Bullet Would Land

The defaulting zero distance of scope in PUBG is 100 meters. It means that if you shoot a bullet, it will land where your crosshair is pointing only if the target is 100 meters away.

If your target is close range i.e. closer than 100 meters, your bullet will land a bit lower as the scope is mounted above the gun’s barrel. If the target is in a long-range i.e. more than 100 meters away, the bullet will still land lower due to the force of gravity pulling the bullet down.

Hence, while shooting at a target that is closer or more than 100 meters away, you should aim slightly upward to take a perfect headshot.

More Zoom More Recoil

The more zoom your scope has, the more difficult it will be to control the gun’s recoil. Therefore when using assault rifles, it’s better not to use a scope more than 3x. You should only use scopes with more zoom with sniper rifles.

Spray Control

The recoil in PUBG is random, which means that every time you spray with your gun, the recoil will have a different pattern. However, there are some tips that can help you control the spray, no matter what the recoil pattern is.

Make the First Few Bullets Count 

The first five bullets in PUBG have almost no horizontal recoil and are the easiest to control. Therefore, you should never start spraying until your crosshair is on the target to prevent wasting the first few shots.

Control Vertical Recoil

Vertical recoil is pretty much identical for every gun. It can be controlled by moving your crosshair downward while spraying to counter the recoil. 

Just keep a few things in mind:

  1. Try to bring down the crosshair at a constant speed without any jerks.
  2. Bring the crosshair down in a straight line without any horizontal movement.
  3. Learn how much you need to move down the cursor with different guns and attachments.

Control Horizontal Recoil

Horizontal recoil can never be predicted as it is random. The only way to control it is by re-aligning your crosshair horizontally back on the target.

You can also crouch before you shoot for a much better spray control. However, crouching won’t be a good option in some conditions because it will make you an easy target.


The tips mentioned above will surely help you improve your aim in PUBG. But for a pro-level aiming, you would need to practice those tips consistently. Therefore, we suggest practicing for 30 minutes every day before entering a proper match.

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