Ultimate Aim Training Guide for CS:GO

Counterstrike is a pretty straightforward shooting game with almost 90% of the game’s performance depending on the aiming ability of the player. Still, most of the players at CS:GO don’t know how to aim correctly and always get defeated by more skilled players. 

If you’re also tired of missing shots and your stats are constantly going down, then this article will be the turning point for your aiming performance as we will be enlisting some of the most useful tips for aiming in CS:GO.

Get a Gaming Mouse

You cannot have a good aim in CS:GO by playing with a regular computer mouse. For precise aiming, it’s crucial to have a decent gaming mouse

The gaming mouse is better at aiming because they allow you to customize the sensitivity and have a much better sensor than a regular mouse, so your mouse can better respond to your movements. Hence, if you don’t own a gaming mouse yet, it would be best to invest in one.

Customize Crosshair Settings

While customizing the crosshair, our goal is to make it more visible without affecting our overall view. To make the crosshair more apparent, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Select a crosshair that you like.

Step 2: Adjust the length of the crosshair to your liking.

Step 3: Modify the thickness of the crosshair. Remember that if the crosshair is too thick, it will affect your visibility.

Step 4: Change the crosshair color to something more visible. In CS:GO, most pro players use the yellow color as it is bright enough to be easily visible and doesn’t blend against any background. 

Choose the Right Sensitivity

Finding the perfect mouse sensitivity for yourself is all about having a perfect balance. If the sensitivity is too low, the opponent might go behind you for an easy kill, and if it’s too high, you will not be able to control your crosshair and miss shots.

There is no proper method to know what sensitivity would be best for you, as everyone has a different preference for sensitivity. You can only know your ideal sensitivity by trial and error. Just try playing with different sensitivities till you find the perfect one for you. We would recommend starting with higher sensitivity and gradually moving down.

Learn Counter Strafing

Counter strafing is when you’re moving in one direction and spot an enemy; you immediately press the opposite movement key to stop your movement and take aim at your enemy. Players who do not use this skill are most likely to lose their first shot as movement causes difficulty in aiming accurately.

 In a game like CS:GO, where all it takes is a bullet to kill your enemy, you don’t want to miss your first shot and give an edge to your opponent. To learn how to counter strafe.

Crosshair Placement

Crosshair placement is always the key to better aiming, no matter what shooting game you play. Crosshair placement means keeping your crosshair centered and at a height where your enemy’s head is most likely to be. 

A good crosshair placement minimizes the correction that you need to make in aiming and therefore allows you to aim quicker, so you’re always first to take a shot at your opponent. 

Study Maps and Pre Aim

Pre-aiming is also as crucial as crosshair placement because, with pre-aiming, you can avoid surprise attacks from your opponents. To practice this skill, go to the maps you play in and remember the spots where your opponent can hide. This also help you improve your tracking aim which is a crucial skill for CS:GO

After this, you can practice aiming at those spots. Once you get good at pre aiming, you will be the one to surprise your hiding opponent with a headshot.

Accuracy Is More Important Than Being Fast 

Being fast in aiming is of no use if you suck at accuracy. So, before you test how many headshots you can take in a training map in under one minute, focus only on taking headshots first.

Once you’re satisfied with your accuracy in aiming, you can start training to improve your aiming speed.

Pre-fire practice maps are best for pre-aim training as you can practice your pre-aiming with bots that spawn on those places where an opponent can hide during a competitive match.

Control Weapon Recoil

One of the major factors that can affect your accuracy while aiming with a rifle is the recoil effect. If you don’t know what the recoil effect is? It is the backward momentum of the gun while it’s shooting the bullets.  It is very common in FPS games like Overwatch, Valorant, and COD.

Every gun in CS:GO has a different recoil pattern, so the same rules cannot be applied to every weapon.

To control recoil, you will have to practice in Recoil. Master Weapon Practice training map. Here you will see recoil patterns for different guns in CS:GO and counter patterns that you can perform with your mouse to control the recoil effect of different guns.

Practice Tracking Aim

There are two main types of aiming. The first and most important one is the flicking aim which is the ability to aim accurately at an object. Then comes the tracking aim, which involves constantly aiming at an object in motion.

Most players only focus on their flicking aim, so they always fail to precisely aim at a moving enemy and get killed by their opponents. To improve your tracking aim, you must practice your aim at moving objects or bots. This can be done on CS:GO by playing on the YPRAC training map.


Even the most skilled players have problems aiming in their first match. This happens because our muscle memory needs to be warmed up to be properly activated. 

So to avoid affecting your stats by directly jumping into a competitive match, it would be better if you warm up your aiming muscles in a training map first.


Q1: What are the best maps for aim training in CS:GO?

Ans: Here is a list of the five best maps for Aim training in CS:GO

  1. Crashz’s Crosshair Generator v3
  2. Yprac’s Practice and Warmup Map
  3. KataS’ training_aim_csgo2
  4. DC’s Aim and Movement Training Map
  5. ULLeticaL’s Recoil Master

Q2: What is the best gun to practice aim?

The best guns for aim training are AK-47 and M4A4 rifles, as they are the most commonly used guns in CS:GO

Wrapping It Up

Knowing all the tips mentioned above is only the first step to improving your aim in CS:GO. To make progress in your aiming skills, you would have to learn these tips and then practice them regularly. So make a practice routine for yourself and train until you become a master at aiming.

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