Aim Training Guide for Fortnite 2022

Fortnite is a survival game that initially starts with 100 players, but ends with only one player left alive. In a game where only the fittest survive, you need a pro-level aim. 

So, if you are someone who dies before even reaching the last twenty-five players due to a bad aim, then this article might help.

In this article, we will be enlisting some of the most helpful tips for improving aim in Fortnite.

Use the Right Equipment

Even if you master all the skills for aiming, you will still suck at it if you don’t have the proper equipment. So before moving on to the other tips in our guide, make sure you have the right equipment.

Gaming Mouse

In games like Fortnite, where you need to switch weapons on the fly and build structures fast, having a gaming mouse with a few side buttons is a game-changer. 

Gaming mouse also offers better sensors that are capable of translating every movement into the computer and allow users to customize DPI and CPI settings so they can easily adjust to their preferred mouse sensitivity.

Mouse Pad 

Most tables don’t have a perfectly smooth surface, which affects the mouse’s ability to measure movement correctly. 

To provide a smooth surface for your mouse, you should use a mouse pad. It will help in improving the mouse performance. Certain mouse pads come with a padded surface so you can play Fortnite for hours without hurting your wrist.

Higher Refresh Rate Monitor   

Refresh rate is the frequency with which the display updates. Hence, with a higher refresh rate, you will have more information displayed on the monitor.

Refresh rate is extremely crucial for aiming at a moving enemy. It gives you a better understanding of the speed and trajectory of your opponent so you can predict his location and land a perfect shot. 


Whether you play with a gaming mouse or console, you need to have the perfect sensitivity for better aiming. Fortnite has a very high default sensitivity which most players don’t even notice, but it affects the aiming performance of the players. In Fortnite, you will need to adjust the following three sensitivities to aim better.

Mouse/Controller Sensitivity

 It is the general in-game sensitivity when you’re not aiming.

Ideal Controller Sensitivity

Controller Sensitivity X: Between 4 to 7

Controller Sensitivity Y: Between 4 to 7

(Most players prefer an X and Y sensitivity of 6)

Ideal Mouse Sensitivity

Mouse DPI: Between 400 to 800

Mouse Sensitivity: Between 0.03 to 0.15 

(Most players prefer 800 DPI)

No Scope or ADS Sensitivity

It is the sensitivity that applies while you’re aiming with a weapon with no scope. 

Ideal No Scope or ADS Sensitivity

Between 0.50 to 0.70

Scope Sensitivity

The sensitivity applies when you aim with a scoped weapon such as a sniper rifle.

Ideal Scope Sensitivity

Between 0.50 to 0.70

Aim Training Maps

Practice is critical for improving aim, and there is no better place to practice your aim other than the aim training maps in Fortnite.

Listed below are a few of the best aim training maps for Fortnite:

Xanex 60 Aim Map

MAP CODE: 8486-9104-1829

This map is very simple and easy to navigate. It has well-built and effective scenarios, some of them also involve editing and shooting, which is a useful skill to have if you do a lot of box fights. 

There are three main categories of aim training in this map:

  • SMG – practice your tracking aim by shooting at a constantly moving chicken and improve your aiming skills.
  • Shotgun – practice your editing and shooting skills in a real gaming environment.
  • AR – practice your flicking aim and your tracking aim, which is almost the same as the SMG category because here, you will also be aiming at a chicken.

Raider’s 1v1 Aim Duels

MAP CODE: 8595-7789-7339

This is the best map for practicing aim with real players. Use the match-making portal for matching up against random players.Choose your scenario, Hit-Point, and preferred weapon, and start playing.

Here is a list of some scenarios that you can select in this map for fun

  • Shotgun Flicks  
  • SMG tracking
  • Glider training 

Learn Crosshair Placement

No matter which aiming guide you look at and for whatever game, you will find this tip in every single one. Crosshair placement is the heart of aiming. Hence, learning this skill is compulsory for better aiming. 

The science of crosshair placement is simple. Keep your crosshair at the height you expect your enemy heads to be. You don’t want to be looking up at the sky or down at your feet. 

Keeping the crosshair at the right height is important, so you have to make a minimum correction when aiming at an enemy that suddenly pops up on your screen.

Use Wired Controllers

If you play on PlayStation or Xbox and have a poor aim, it could be due to your controller. While wireless console gives a lot of comfort, they also introduce a tiny bit of lag which is enough to ruin your aim in Fortnite. So if you use a wireless controller, it’s better to switch to a wired one for Fortnite.

Crouch and Aim

Crouching increases your accuracy in aiming by providing stability. If you’re aiming at an enemy very far away and you doubt that you would miss the shot, then it is better to crouch before shooting. 

However, you should remember that crouching can make you an easy target in close combat with an enemy. So avoid crouching when the enemy is near.

Never aim at the legs

For imposing maximum damage to your opponent, you should always aim above the torso. Shooting below it is just a waste of bullets and time. 

In mid and close-range fights, you should always try to aim at the head or shoulder as they are the most vulnerable parts of the body. But, for long-range battles, you should aim at the middle of the player because if you aim for the head of an enemy that is far away, you might miss.

Wrapping It Up

Aiming is not a skill that you can learn in a few days; it takes months and years to master. So make a training routine and stick to it if you want to notice some improvements.

We suggest practicing in the aim training map for 30 minutes daily because consistency is just as important as practice.

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