How to improve aim in Overwatch?

Overwatch is for hardcore FPS gamers. It is a multi-player shooting game produced by Blizzard Entertainment, Starcraft’s developer. It is different from regular shooting games in that it focuses on improving team coordination and character mastery.

If you want to know How to improve Your aim in Overwatch then the assault mode is the key. This mode involves an attack and defense team.

The attacker team tries to acquire a fixed square on the overwatch map, while the defending team has to protect the area. Control mode is another popular option.

It is similar to the assault version, except that it features one control point, and each team has to compete with one another to win the battle. The game has simple rules but it will surely test your abilities in multiple aiming scenarios.

You are dropped on the field and are matched with a team. You play with your teammates to kill the enemies, get control of certain areas on the map, and defend yourself from your rivals. There is fun, excitement, and not to mention, a lot of killing. One thing that sets overwatch apart from other FPS games is that it has characters with unique abilities.

Generally, each playable avatar in shooter gamers has the same set of skills.  In Overwatch, each character has different abilities and unique weapons. While that adds fun to the game, it also makes it difficult for beginners to play Overwatch like a pro.

That’s what aim training is for. If you can’t aim properly or have trouble collecting headshots, you should train your aim and muscle memory. Here’s how you can improve your aim in Overwatch. 

How to Better Your Aim in Overwatch?

Your success in Overwatch depends on your ability to shoot enemies. You are supposed to defend yourself while killing your opponents and racking up your scores as fast as possible. Although Overwatch has added a few unique functionalities that make it different from other FPS games, you still need shooting skills to play it like a pro. 

Like musical instruments, aim training helps improve your muscle memory. In addition to regular practice, a few things like good gaming posture and aim training can improve your aim and help you achieve higher scores in Overwatch. Let’s check out these aim training tips for Overwatch.

Download AI-powered Aim Training Apps

You will find plenty of these apps on the App Store and Google Play Store. Download the aim training app and experiment with different rifles. These games feature AI bots, unlimited weapons, and different characters with special abilities. They are similar to overwatch and other first-person shooter games, except that you get to practice your aim at dummies. 

Aim training shooting games offer you multiple configuration options. You can set the difficulty mode to — easy, medium, and hard (depending on how good your aim is). Some apps allow you to set the target to achieve. For instance, you have to kill 50 to 100 enemies within 10 minutes. It determines the speed and accuracy of your aim. It also improves your ability to move the crosshair quickly and position it accurately.

Looking for a reliable tool to practice your shot?

Try Aim Lab. The app has recently launched a Creator Studio, where communities come up with different scenarios and shooting targets for beginners. Apps like Aim Lab can help you improve different aspects of shooting, including improving your reflexes, target, and muscle memory. The app shows you a summary of your progress and accuracy.

The training app is so good that it doesn’t feel like you are aim training. It looks like you are on a battleground, fighting your enemies and aiming for headshots. It has a leaderboard that shows your current score. Before you start Overwatch, give Aim Lab a shot. 

Select the Right Gear

Aim training with dummies and shooting apps can better your aim. However, nothing can help you win Overwatch shooting missions with the worn and outdated gaming gear. There is no right or wrong mouse for gamers. You should select the gear according to what suits you. You must be able to move your mouse effortlessly. For gamers, a simple and small mouse is the best. The next important gear is the mouse pad. Look for something comfortable, sleek, and large. You will want to set the DPI low in shooting games. So, a mouse pad must be large enough to support large hand movements. 

Setting the Mouse Sensitivity and Acceleration

Another important aspect of aim training is your mouse sensitivity. Gamers have a misconception that higher DPI makes their mouse better. On the contrary, the mouse doesn’t perform well at high DPI (dot-per-inch). High DPI means the cursor will move quickly and cover a large area of the screen, even on small mouse movements. You should keep the DPI low so that you get to move the cursor at the speed of the mouse’s physical movements. This means you have to move the mouse a lot to get crosshair on the target. 

While that does look difficult to practice initially, it is a great way to improve your aiming skills. The low DPI gives you better control. Similarly, the mouse acceleration feature can ruin your game. By default, the acceleration is enabled on most PCs.

Before you start Overwatch, turn the acceleration off. With acceleration disabled, the cursor will cover the same distance as the physical movement of your mouse. This makes it easier for players to aim.

Gaming Techniques

Overwatch involves tracking and flick shots. In tracking, you are supposed to get your crosshair on the target and follow them without moving the crosshair. Flick shots mean flicking your gun at the enemy, shooting them, and returning to your normal position. Your aim gets better if you anticipate your enemies. Once you know where your enemies are, you can prepare for your aim before they attack you. You can learn this by playing Overwatch regularly. Keep the crosshair positioned at a corner where the enemy is most likely to appear when you are not fighting.

These aim training tips will certainly help you improve your shot in Overwatch. Try these tips to improve your muscle memory and aiming skills.

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