Aim Training 101 | Guide to Improve your FPS Aim

FPS games have gained immense popularity in the past few years.

Aim training is important before you start any FPS game. You should at least learn the fundamentals so that you know what a correct aim looks like and how to practice aiming such that you achieve the highest score.

That doesn’t mean you need to practice it every day for hours. Even basic training can go a long way in making you a professional player. So, are you ready to improve your aim?

Well, you are in the right place. We have shared everything you need to know about aim training in FPS games in this post. Let’s get started.

What is Aim Training?

Aim training in virtual gaming refers to your ability to aim at the target using the control buttons of your mouse, keyboards, remote, and other hardware devices. The purpose of training is to make your aim as clear as possible. Since most games involve aiming through your mouse cursor, the players are trained to improve their aim. Aim training consists of mainly two components:

Aim Training
  • How do you follow the target?
  • When is the right time to click on the mouse to hit the target

It is mouse-clicking and tracking. Before we go ahead with the training part, note that aim is a skill, and your chances of winning in the FPS games depend on your aiming skills and how good you are at chasing and hitting the target. 

Why Improve Your Aim?

Aim training helps you with your muscle memory. Whether you are executing a move to hit the enemy running towards you or searching for your enemy, the accuracy of your flick shots depends on your muscle memory. You will find tons of browser games based on aiming. These games claim to improve your aiming skills, but they only improve your reflexes.

Your muscle memory for hitting the target, moving an object, performing spins and other stunts, and navigating the maps will be different for all FPS games. So, while you might get good at these demo games designed to improve your reflexes, they don’t improve your aim. The best thing you can do is try a game of your choice. 

Aim training is essential for consoles since the console doesn’t move as quickly and precisely as your PC. That explains the aim assists available for most FPS games on consoles.

A good player has a perfect aim. In any shooter game, all that matters is your muscle movement. You might have been playing the game for months, but you can’t score well until you know how to control the cursor. 

Having a good aim makes you a good FPS player. The next time you play with your friends, you will most likely beat your enemies with your fine motor skills. New players often struggle with the controls.

They don’t know the time to hit the trigger, so they miss most of the shots. On the other hand, an intermittent player learns the basics of shooting and hits the slow and easy target. Only an expert knows how to shoot a moving target.

That doesn’t mean you will learn with time. You need to conduct regular practice to improve your aiming skill controls. 

Benefits of aim training

  • Improve your body posture and reflexes
  • It makes your aim extremely efficient
  • Get better control and grip over the cursor
  • Better and efficient use of muscle fibers
  • Faster information processing
  • In-game training is effective for players in the long run

Aim training components

The main training components required for aim training include the mouse, mouse pad, sleeves, keyboard, and other hardware items necessary for shooting or targeting.

Types of aim scenario types – 

Clicking is all about the click and hitting the target. 

Tracking and flicking are the most popular aiming types in FPS games. As the name suggests, tracking is the aiming type in which you are supposed to follow the target as closely as possible and keep an eye on them throughout your aiming journey. You track the target with your crosshair to predict their future movements precisely. 

In target switching, the player switches from one target to another because of the availability and difficulty in the aiming techniques. 

In strafing aiming, your camera is focused on the enemy, but you move in a completely different direction, and you are supposed to shoot the target while moving sideways.

Mouse Sensitivity for Fps Games

Mouse sensitivity is the most crucial and the only setting you need to adjust for FPS games. Before we show you how to adjust the setting, make sure there is no magical formula that can help you shoot better. However, a few things can make your mouse movements super comfortable and smooth. You only need to find the settings that look natural and offer you a comfortable grip. 

One of the common misconceptions regarding mouse sensitivity is that keeping it extremely high means a better shot. If you set the numbers high, the mouse will get extremely sensitive to even the slightest movement. Ideally, your DPI settings should match your resolution, and you can keep it between 300 and 4000. 

The perfect DPI depends on which mouse you are using, your set resolution, and the game. The best way to find the right DPI setting is by experimenting with the setting in different games. 

For example, you can set 500 DPI and test it on your favorite FPS game to see how comfortable it feels playing with this setting. You can increase and reduce the number according to your comfort level. 

As a general rule, keeping the DPI low gives you more and better control over your cursor movements. The only downside to this approach is that the player has to move the mouse using their elbow instead of the wrist. You should initially start with 400-800 DPI and then adjust it later. If it’s a large resolution monitor, you might have to keep the DPI at least 1000 for better mouse sensitivity. Basically, the higher the DPI, the more you are likely to experience the problem of overshooting. The cursor moves at a very high speed aiming at multiple enemies at once. If you want to achieve precision, your best bet is to keep the DPI as low as possible. While it may require a lot of hand movement, it will result in a better and more precise aim. 

Tip: Never change your DPI settings aggressively. If you have had one bad game, don’t make aggressive changes to the sensitivity, as it may interfere with your muscle memory. You will end up having a bad aim in all FPS games. Experts recommend that you change your mouse sensitivity only when you have a series of poor performances. It would even help if you made a small tweak to the DPI level. 

Mouse Acceleration

If you have enabled the mouse acceleration, the accuracy of your aim will be determined by the accuracy of your hand movement. Put it this way, how you move your mouse will affect the motion. There is no role for sensitivity. It’s better to keep the mouse acceleration off when playing FPS games.

Posture and ergonomics to improve aiming in Fps Games

Your gaming posture and how you operate the hardware are as important as the hardware itself. You might have purchased the most comfortable mousepads, but these are useless if you don’t get the posture right. There is no denying that the way you hold your mouse can significantly impact your aiming skills. 

Using your claws, fingertips, and palm can mean a difference between a perfect shot and a lost match. So, you must pay attention to your posture and hand movements. Although there are plenty of postures that experts recommend for fine aiming, the best posture depends on the player. It mainly comes down to what you find comfortable.

Make sure you keep the mouse in a position where there is sufficient room for your wrist. Do not slouch while aiming. These little things can make a big difference to your aim. 

Peripherals for Aim training

Peripherals are as important as your practice and skills. Your monitor matters the most, but when it comes to aiming, you should focus on the mouse’s critical component of gaming.

Choosing a Mouse

Consider your hand size and the grip when choosing a mouse for gaming. Weight is another critical factor. The lighter the mouse you choose for gaming, the easier and more precise your aims will be.

Aiming requires constant movement, and the mouse should be light enough to be moved in any direction effortlessly. Ideally, a wireless mouse is your best bet if you want the highest level of precision in aiming. The absence of cable means moving your mouse more quickly and exercising a better aim. 

Choosing a Mousepad

The most overlooked yet essential factor in aim training is your mouse pad. Cloth mouse pads offer a much better aim than other materials since they offer good friction and better control of the speed. A plastic mouse pad is not recommended for gamers. They offer less friction.


Another important element you need for a seamless gaming experience is the right pair of sleeves. Do not wear irritating sleeves or something that absorbs moisture. You can find gaming sleeves online, designed specifically for gamers looking for comfortable gloves for aim-based games. These sleeves allow you to practice mouse movements. 


The size of the screen also matters for FPS games. It’s harder to place and move a cursor on a small screen. You must set the brightness, display, and other visuals before starting the game. Make sure you set the resolution and sensitivity based on your monitor size. Try different resolutions to see which one looks comfortable and keep the same settings for all FPS games.

How to choose an aim trainer?

Many aim trainers, especially the browser-based, make an excellent choice for beginners. You can practice your aiming skills with these aim trainers before you play FPS games. These trainers are designed to improve your aim accuracy, reaction speed, and tracking. Although plenty of aim trainers are available online, choosing the best one can get quite an overwhelming task. Some of the best options for beginners and intermediate players are:

Getting into Aim Routines

You must practice aiming for 30-60 minutes every day, preferably before sleeping. How long it takes to get better at it depends on how soon you train your muscles for it. Usually, it should take a week or two to hone their aiming skills. Don’t stop playing. The more you practice your aim, the better you get at it. Make a habit of practicing every day or at least on alternate days. 

Aim Training Communities

You can join aim training communities to learn more about the art of aiming, the correct posture, which aim trainers are the best, and what else you can do to improve your shot. You will most likely get help from experienced players who spend hours improving their aim. You will find these communities online, join the group and learn more about different techniques to improve your aim. 

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