How to Get Better at Valorant? | Best Tips for Beginners

Despite having magical abilities, you still need a decent aim to eliminate your enemies in Valorant. When people start playing a shooting game, most of them think that they will improve their aim over time, but after playing for a while, a time comes when there is no scope for improvement in their game.

Although aiming seems quite simple, it’s a difficult skill to master, especially if you’re a new gamer.

Tired of ranking last in every match or unsatisfied with your K/D ?

Look at the tips given below to reach your full aiming potential in Valorant. 


Knowing all the tips for accurate aiming won’t improve your aim. To improve your aiming skills, you should practice with an aim trainer

Although Valorant has a practice mode. We would still recommend you practice in a deathmatch as you would learn more quickly with a real player than with robots.

Crosshair Customization

A crosshair is crucial for accuracy and precision while aiming in any shooting game. Customizing your crosshair to make it more visible gives you a better chance of landing maximum headshots on your enemy.

In Valorant, there are a couple of general customizations that you can make in your crosshair to improve your aim.

Listed below are a few customizations that most pro players use:

  • Changing the Crosshair color to green as it stands out against the background
  • Setting the opacity of the crosshair to 100 so the crosshair is more visible
  • Adjusting the crosshair length to 4 so the crosshair size is not too big or small for aiming

Crosshair Placement

Another important aspect of aiming is crosshair placement. It involves two main things.

  • Keeping your crosshair centered 
  • Making sure it’s at a perfect height

The reason why it’s so important is that you don’t want to be looking at the ground or the sky when an enemy comes in front of you. If you have the perfect crosshair placement at all times, less correction would be required in your aim to take a perfect shot at your enemy.

Don’t Always Use the Scope to Aim

Though aiming through a scope gives you more precision, it also decreases the firing rate and the field of view, making it difficult to aim at an enemy only a few meters away.

Therefore, if you’re in close combat, it’s better to fire from the hip, giving you a much wider field of view and a higher firing rate.

Study the Map and Try to Pre-Aim

Don’t you hate it when an enemy jumps out of a corner and shoots you without even giving you time to aim?

Well, you can prevent this from happening by studying each map and looking for places where an enemy can hide. Once you know all the hiding spots, practice pre-aiming on those places. So if an enemy ever jumps out of the corner, it would take a shorter time to readjust the aim and shoot.

Practice Counter Strafing

Counter strafing is a gaming term that means moving in the other direction. Pro players use this technique to stop moving immediately.

For instance, if you’re moving in the right direction by pressing the right key and you spot an enemy, you quickly press the left key to stop going any further in the right direction.

Those players who don’t use this technique are likely to miss their first shot as it’s difficult to take an accurate shot while moving. So make every bullet count by practicing Counter Strafing.

Avoid Spraying

The immediate response of most players when they see an enemy is to start spraying bullets. While this may seem the right thing to do, spraying makes you miss more shots. This happens because the recoil effect of the gun makes it difficult to aim at the target.

Besides this, Spraying also empties your magazine, giving your enemy a better chance to counterattack

On the other hand, tapping allows you to hit more accurate shots without wasting extra bullets, so there are still enough bullets in your magazine if another enemy appears in front of you.

Running Makes You Less Accurate 

No matter what shooting game you play, you’ll notice that you’re least accurate in aiming while you’re running. For more precise aiming, you need to be stable on the ground without any movement, but if you’re exposed to an enemy, standing still would make you an easier target.

Therefore, if you want to be precise in your aiming and difficult to target, you should try walking or crouching while shooting as there is still some movement, but it’s so slow that you can easily aim at your enemies.

Get a Gaming Mouse

If you don’t already have a gaming mouse, we suggest investing in one. Many gamers use a gaming mouse because their sensitivity can be customized to individual preferences. They also have a better sensor than a regular mouse that accurately translates your mouse strokes into in-game movements.

For optimal performance of the gaming mouse do get a mouse pad. A gaming mouse wouldn’t bring a significant difference in your aiming if you’re swiping it on an uneven surface. 

Buy Valorant Coaching

If you have some extra cash, you can also try Valorant Coaching. These one-on-one coaching lessons from a Valorant coach are much more fun than training on your own. They are extremely helpful in improving your aiming skills.

Warm-Up Before Matches 

Warming up is essential even for the most experienced players. Most gamers, directly jump into a ranked match, resulting in poor game performance. 

Warming up before a match activates the player’s muscle memory and reflexes and boosts confidence, which helps to perform better in ranked matches. 

Wrap Up

Mastering the art of aiming may be difficult and time-consuming, but it will pay off when you start landing perfect headshots with ease. The only thing you need to do to make your aim better is to try out these tips and keep practicing until you become a pro. 

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