How to Improve Tracking Aim?

Running in all directions to avoid enemy bullets is something we all do when it comes to gaming.

But don’t you hate it when your opponent is doing the same thing to you?

Shooting at a moving target is one of the most challenging things to do in a competitive shooting game because you have to keep your crosshair on the target and also control the gun’s recoil at the same time.

I have been in a similar situation and lost the game far too many times. Then, I decided to do a little digging and came across certain things or you call it your personal cheat sheet to improve your aim.

Listed below are some of the best tips that have helped me improve my tracking aim and I believe you will them useful.

Tips on How to Get Better at Tracking Aim

Use the Right Equipment 

Having the right equipment is the most important aspect because if your equipment isn’t good enough, other tips would also not be effective in improving your tracking aim. You need to have the following gadgets to improve your tracking aim:

Gaming Mouse

Gaming mouse have a better sensor than a regular mouse which makes them more accurate and responsive. They can efficiently translate your hand movements into the computer. They also allow you to customize the DPI settings to adjust the mouse sensitivity to your liking.

Mouse Pad

Your mouse movement needs to be smooth while you aim because otherwise, you will get a shaky aim. Also, while moving your mouse, you don’t want to feel like dragging the mouse on a surface; instead, it should slide. 

It would be best to invest in a mouse pad for a more smoothung gaming experience. 

High Refresh Rate Monitor

High refresh rate monitors are essential for playing fast-paced and competitive games as they improve visual comfort and smoothness by providing more frames per second. 

With more frames per second, you will experience the following benefits in tracking aim:

  • Reduction of motion blur
  • Decrease input lag/latency 
  • Easy to distinguish and focus on moving objects


While track aiming, you want your crosshair to always be on the target, so you don’t miss any shots. But, If your sensitivity isn’t right, you will have a tough time keeping the crosshair on the target.

For example, if the sensitivity is high for you, your crosshair might go ahead of the target or become shaky, and if the sensitivity is low, the crosshair might fall behind the target. 

So to improve your tracking aim, you should test out different sensitivities and see what works best for you.

Many players use a common method to test out their sensitivities for tracking aim by making a mark on a wall by shooting a bullet and then keeping the crosshair on it while constantly moving left and right.

If you can keep the crosshair accurately on that mark while moving left and right, your mouse sensitivity is perfect; otherwise, you need to make adjustments.

Avoid Shooting While Re-adjusting

If your track aiming at an opponent and he suddenly starts moving in the opposite direction, or you fail to bring your crosshair precisely on the target, then these are the situations where you need to re-adjust.

If you constantly shoot while you’re re-adjusting, you will experience a lot of recoil and waste bullets. This will cause you to reload and give your opponent the chance to eliminate you. Therefore, you should always avoid shooting while re-adjusting.

Aim Above the Hip

While aiming, you should also make sure that you’re hitting the right spot to eliminate the opponent quickly and with the least amount of bullets. If you aim for the legs, you will only be wasting time and bullets because shooting on the legs deals minimum damage to your enemy. 

The Head and shoulders are the most vulnerable part of the body, and therefore you should always try to aim at them, but if that’s difficult in some situations, you should at least try to aim anywhere above the hip.

Use Wrist Movement

 There are two main types of movement i.e. arm movement and wrist movement. While both types have their advantages, aiming through the wrist is slightly better in track aiming. 

In track aiming, you are continuously making slight adjustments in your aim to keep your crosshair on the target, and as wrist aiming is more precise, it is easier to make those slight adjustments. 

So if you’re an arm aimer struggling in tracking aim, you should learn how to wrist aim and utilize it whenever you’re tracking.

Wired Mouse is Better

If you use a wireless mouse, then this could be a reason why you’re suffering in tracking aim.

Wireless mouse have a very slight input lag, and in competitive shooting games where you only need a millisecond to have the upper hand on your opponent, this input lag is something you would never want.

Try Using a Claw grip

Many aimers suggest that you need to change your mouse grip to improve tracking aim. There are majorly three types of mouse grips:

  • Palm Grip 
  • Claw Grip
  • Tip Grip

Most pro gamers suggest palm and claw grip for tracking aim but the claw grip is more popular, as it gives you better finger control and is also better for making micro-adjustment with wrist. 


There is no perfection without practice. Thus if you want to bring your track aiming skill to perfection, you will have to invest a lot of time and effort into this skill. 

For practicing, aim trainers can be highly beneficial as they provide you with different scenarios that help in building muscle memory. Here are a few most popular aim trainers for track aiming. 

  • OG Aim trainer
  • Aim Lab
  • Koovak FPS aim trainer
  • 3D aim trainer 


Q1: Which is better, OG, Aim Lab or Koovak?

Ans: Koovak aim trainer allows you to create your own scenarios besides having included content, making it better than Aim Lab.

Q2: How to correct a shaky aim?

Ans: If you have a shaky aim, it’s probably because your sensitivity is high. To correct it, you need to lower your sensitivity. You can also experience shaky aim if you don’t use a mouse pad.

Q3: What is more important, flicking or tracking?

Ans: It depends on the weapons you’re using. If you’re using sniper rifles or shotguns, it’s difficult to track aim. But with assault rifles and SMGs, track aiming is easier.


The above-mentioned are some of the most useful tips for improving tracking aim. So try them out for yourself and practice them consistently. So the next time you shoot at an enemy, you don’t miss, even if the enemy tries his best to dodge your bullets.

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